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The Hairbond Moulder Professional Hair Wax is a unique, innovative styling product that creates separations with a matte finish. Its strong yet flexible formulation gives immediate grab and high density texture while thickening hair’s appearance .

Apply to dry hair and mould into shape for great styling results without the shiny, greasy look. Beautifully presented in a 100ml acrylic jar, this paraben and sulphate free formulation has a mouth watering red apple and pineapple fragrance and is easy to restyle with a few mists of water.

The Moulder also washes out easily in water, a testament to its high grade natural ingredients compared with our petroleum-based competitors. You’ll never need to shampoo multiple times to get rid of residue, oils and gunk again!


The Hairbond Difference

All Hairbond products are formulated with MiruStyle™ X-HP by Croda Inc – offering unrivaled heat protection up to 220 degrees Celsius whilst maintaining superb hold without degradation, a 25% performance advantage over our rivals. This patented ingredient also improves the condition of your hair cuticles, making it easier to comb after heat styling.

Hairbond is also one of the very few companies who can afford to add an expensive powerhouse ingredient from the rainforests of Peru and Chile – Sangre De Drago. Also known as Dragon’s Blood, it has been used for centuries by the Amazon people and acts as a natural hair thickener. This is the secret to a lusher and fuller head of hair, hallmarks of the classic gentlemen’s style.

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